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Conditioning Class for Trapeze Enthusiasts

Aerial Conditioning

Sports-specific conditioning helps boost performance level in any type of sport, whether for serious players, or those in it for pure enjoyment. Its benefits range from increased strength and stamina, as well as increased flexibility, coordination, and very importantly, injury prevention.

About the Classes

Our Aerial Conditioning Class: Core Strength and Flexibility incorporates silks, static trapeze, fitness balls, and floor exercises. It is a full body workout with a focus on the core. Using all four apparatuses in a circuit training format (going from station to station), one works on every aspect of the core. The last 20 minutes of the class is geared toward gaining flexibility. The instructor will lead, adjust, and assist in stretches to help students learn safe ways to gain mobility.

It makes exercise fun and new by getting to hang from a trapeze and invert on a silk.