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Overview of Classes

We design your time in our classes toward some very profound and specific goals. The great thing is that we are experts at accommodating the wide range of interests and abilities that exist in our student body.

We have opportunities for everyone from the thrill-seeker to fear-facer, athlete to couch potato, casual flyer to serious aerialist. Amazingly enough, we have seen people ranging in all desires and abilities inspire each other, bring new energy to the school and enrich each other’s lives with courage and mutual support.

We have spent the last few years redefining our class process in an effort to offer you the maximum fun, learning and time in the air.

When we work as a team, students and instructors, we create the best possible environment for success. At TSNY Chicago we take pride in our students and are grateful for the opportunity to see them grow.

Please read the descriptions for every class that you might be interested in, and then be prepared to discuss with an instructor what course of learning is most appropriate for you. A student not sure of their level should attend a mixed class first for evaluation by an instructor.

With our beginner through advanced flying trapeze courses, plus a variety of other aerial and circus arts classes, there's just no end to the adventure.