Lyra, also called aerial hoop, is a metal circle suspended in the air from which students will hang, sit, stand, and maneuver into beautiful poses and transitions. Students build strength, body control, and flexibility with each class through fun and challenging movements on the lyra. You will discover your center of gravity in many different positions as you learn how to pose, invert, balance, and drop into thrilling positions, with the added element of spinning.

Classes are open to students of all fitness levels unless otherwise noted; no prior experience is required. Students receive individualized instruction tailored to their comfort, skill, strength, and experience level. Each subsequent class builds on a student's skills and interest, incorporating more challenging poses, transitions and sequences. Multi-week sessions known as Intensive Aerial Workshops are a great way to build endurance, and work towards choreographing an aerial act.

We recommend fitted clothing that allows for a full range of motion; pants, tights or leggings that cover the back of the knees are encouraged.