Spanish Web

Spanish web is an aerial apparatus consisting of a rope with a loop attached at the top used to hook a student's wrist or ankle. Web is done with a flyer (the student, who is in the air being spun) and a setter (the instructor, who is spinning the rope from the ground). Aerial rope, also known as corde lisse, is a similar apparatus to Spanish web, but does not have the loop attached and does not involve spinning.

Students of both Spanish web and rope learn skills including climbs, locks, inversions, and sequencing movements. Classes build upper body and core strength while improving flexibility. Spanish web classes also teach students how to use and manipulate spinning while they hang from the loop by their wrists or ankles.

Classes are open to students of all background, experience and fitness levels unless otherwise noted; no prior experience is required. Students receive individualized instruction tailored to their comfort, skill, strength, and experience level. Each subsequent class builds on a student's skills and interest, incorporating more challenging positions, transitions and sequences. Multi-week sessions known as Intensive Aerial Workshops are a great way to build endurance, and work towards choreographing an aerial act.

We recommend fitted clothing that allows for a full range of motion; the fuller the coverage (long pants, long sleeves) the better.