We have an above-ground trampoline with a rebounding bed that can allow students to learn the fundamentals of body awareness and train for somersaults and twisting skills. Techniques learned on trampoline are directly applicable to ANY aerial or gymnastic pursuit, whether it is simply strengthening core muscles or developing the timing and spotting skills necessary to catch your double on the flying trapeze.

We love to bounce! Our trampoline classes are open to everyone – from those students seeking to advance their aerial awareness and skills for the flying trapeze and other aerial pursuits, to individuals looking to feel like a kid again while jumping up and down in the air.

Trampoline builds strength and flexibility while providing students with a greater sense of body control and awareness. Progression is designed to help each student achieve their goals – from learning new flips and twists that can be applied to the flying trapeze, to increasing core strength, fitness and acrobatic skills. The skills trained on the trampoline translate to smoother flying and proper landings in the flying trapeze net.

Classes are open to students of all fitness levels; no prior experience is required. Students receive individualized instruction tailored to their comfort, skill, strength, and experience level. Each subsequent class builds on a student's skills and interest, incorporating more challenging movements, tricks and sequences.

For flying trapeze students looking to progress through our curriculum to more advanced levels, trampoline classes and skills are a requirement in the TSNY Logbook.

Socks or gymnastics/ballet slippers are required; we recommend fitted athletic wear as opposed to loose, baggy clothing.