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Flying Trapeze - Your First Class

What to Expect

In your first class you will be treated to some truly unusual experiences and feelings. You should arrive at least 15 minutes early so that you can sign in, change clothes and be fully ready to begin when your instructor calls the class together.

There will be a short introduction to staff and basic safety rules of the school. We will encourage you to relax, pay careful attention to what we ask you to do and just keep it simple.

Your instructors may have you hang by first your hands and then your knees on the low bar. This is done to give you an idea of what to expect your body to feel. In truth though, you will have so much adrenaline running through your veins your first flight that all you might notice is how amazed you are to be flying.

Before you leave the ground you will be shown the proper way to adjust your belt, fasten the ladder safety lines, climb the ladder, hold the fly bar and jump. When it is your turn, take a deep breath and listen closely to what the instructors ask of you.

It is quite common for people to have a wide range of strong energies in their bodies while they navigate the newness of being on the flying trapeze. There is no reason to be shy. We have seen it all, and have ourselves gone through just about anything a person can feel when challenging oneself to something so exceptional and new.

Your First Swing

It's only the first time once. You're finally standing on the platform 23 feet above the ground. You have the safety lines securely fastened to your belt, the instructor is holding you, and you are holding the bar. Leaning out over the edge of the platform, you may be eager to go or be wondering what the heck you're doing up there. In any case, our instructors will treat you with patience and respect. We leave the decision to jump completely up to you, though we give strong encouragement at the crucial moments. You will never be forced to do anything you are not agreeing to. So, again, take a deep breath and follow instructions.

There may be one moment of fear just as you commit your body to the task. Once you're off the platform it's all bliss. You'll swing back and forth a few times, perhaps swinging your legs a bit, but mostly enjoying the pleasure of flight. It is a feeling like no other and one that you will expand upon in future jumps.

Remember, the whole time you are flying you are in safety lines so you are free to simply enjoy the ride.

Now it is time to come down in the net. You will lift your legs as you have been previously taught and release the bar. You will fall gently, albeit perhaps awkwardly into the safety net. Still following instructions closely, you will crawl to the dismount area of the net and be assisted down by an instructor.

That's it. Your first of many flights. You are probably a bit shaky, definitely amazed and sure to be enjoying the encouragement of the staff and your classmates. But wait, that's hardly all. You still have the opportunity to learn a knee hang (knees over the bar then hands off for an upside down adventure) and the flipping dismount.

Your Second Swing

Your second time at the bar you will have the option of attempting the knee hang. If you are in a catching class, you may have limited chances to practice so it is a good idea to give it a try even if you're not completely ready. You'll be instructed to swing out, put your knees through your hands and wrap them around the bar just like you did on the playground. Then you will be asked to let go with your hands and swing upside down. This puts you into the best position for your first catch. Again, if you can breathe and relax you will progress and enjoy more.

You may be offered to attempt the flipping dismount. This is a ton of stuff to learn in one day. Trust us. We teach this all the time. If we offer you the chance to try it, you're probably more ready than you think.

Your First Catch

If you are relaxed and open with your knee hang, and you are in a class with catching, the last 45 minutes of the class with be your chance to take your new trick to the hands of the catcher. You will be instructed to perform your knee hang as before. This time though, when you reach the front of your 2nd swing, you may meet the catcher. If your position is great, he will wrap his strong hands around your wrists. You will quite naturally do the same to his. At the same moment your legs will release the bar and you will fly with the catcher. Nothing could be more exhilarating or satisfying.

If you don't make the catch your first day, no big deal. There really is no goal other than to experience something completely new. You will feel amazing about your time with us no matter what it looks like. Your first day ends and you are a bit sore and very satisfied with your adventure.

Always take a moment to thank your instructors and classmates.


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